These are the most popular flip flops in the world, and for good reason.

Is anyone else noticing a trend building here with summer footwear? Yeah, sure sure it’s all about flip flops. But literally everywhere I look I’m seeing Havaianas. I’m almost ashamed to say that I am so behind on this trend. I’ve seen them everywhere, for ages, and not acted on it. How can I even call myself a player in this industry? Well, I’m glad to say I officially caved and gave into the Havaianas hoopla. Oh yeah, I’m not going back, and yes, it’s worth a mention. These bad boys were a California road trip staple for me, making ensemble appearances everywhere from the Hollywood Sign to Palm Springs. 

Now, here are a few facts you might not know about these rubber lifesavers. First of all, they’ve been around a while – since 1962! Secondly, they are officially the most popular flip flops in the world. Each year over 150 million pairs are made. 150 million wearers can’t be wrong. While many of you might want to stick to the simple Havaianas flip flop, there are options for wearers… oh so many options. From patterns on the soles, to pins that can be used to decorate the strap, there are quite literally tens of thousands of fashionable combinations to be made.

I’m quite a purist when it comes to my footwear, I chose to go simple for my first interaction with the brand, and kept a little visual diary of all the times they appeared with me on my trip around the golden state. Seems Havaianas like a luxury pool and a dusty desert most of all (more on this location later this week). Oh what fun.

All models shown are available to purchase now from the Havaianas online shop

Written in collaboration with Havaianas.


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