Style Update: Wearing white for a Venetian adventure

Last week in New York I happened to run my fingers over the most beautiful off white, cream even, Grecian style dress at Madewell in the Upper East Side. Madewell has long been a go-to store for summer dress shopping, but this season they step above and beyond the call of duty in their creations. Case in point, this beauty! I wasn’t leaving the store without it… and so it was. Alright, now I have to admit I’m headed back in store tomorrow in Los Angeles to purchase a few more. I can’t help myself. Someone take my Amex!

In all honesty though, folks, this dress is the easiest thing on earth to wear. It has a deep v-neck, so for my strolls in Venice I paired the dress with a nude colored bralet, that looked a part of the ensemble, and layered several necklaces to keep things “polite.” Paired with the new Louis Vuitton Volta shoulder bag and some simple croc sandals, this was a look that saw me through a rather hot and muggy day in Venice with little “outfit distraction.” You know what I mean by that, right? Outfit distraction is when you wear one thing out for a day on the town and half way through your day you realize this was not the right outfit to wear at all, for whatever reason, and your day officially has a black cloud over it. Not the case here, oh no!


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