Living my Pretty Woman moment at the Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills, a Four Seasons Hotel

Here’s a fact about me: I have watched Pretty Woman at least 100 times. In fact, that might be lowballing it. Yes, I am of the generation of women that looked to a prostitute for guidance in the ways of love. Oh hell, who are we kidding? Julia Roberts would have no sooner been a street walker. That woman was made to reside in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, (a Four Seasons Hotel). So, I feel ok in saying that I watched that movie a hundred + times and thought that my life might somehow come to look like hers, minus the time on Hollywood Blvd. Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m no Julia Roberts, nor am I married to any Richard Gere, but I am sitting in the famed hotel that this screen siren called home in Pretty Woman. There is nothing at all fictional about the glitz and glamour of this famous institution. It is everything you’d expect it to be. 

Last week I made my first trip to the Beverly Wilshire. You could easily say it was a dreams come true moment to even step foot in the hotel. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven by and thought, “I really must pop in there to pay homage to a film that played a large part in my formative years.” Yet, I never found myself stepping inside. As the weather’s turned and June gloom’s been nearly put to bed, this visit seemed a good a time as any to step into the world of Hollywood drafted luxury. I visited the Beverly Wilshire for an afternoon of sun by the pool, once again taking advantage of the cabana packages offered for non-guests of the hotel. Seriously, people, if you are in LA and not taking part in cabana activities you are generally missing a trick here. The Beverly Wilshire offers three tiers of cabana packages, all very reasonable and well worth the investment for a day of feeling glam and coming out tanned. I’m starting to wonder why anyone in LA has a pool at all, when this sort of scene presents itself as a daily option.

Anyway, back to my fairytale moment by the rooftop pool of the Beverly Wilshire. Allow me to just indulge a little longer here, will you? Each cabana pool package comes with its own set of perks, but nearly all include things like lunch, cocktails and a massive fruit bowl to keep you going throughout your rigorous day of fun in the sun. And if that isn’t all enough for you, there’s also a spa just off the pool deck that’s willing to step up to the task of giving you that extra something special. I had to laugh as I went in for a Diamond Rose Facial (heavenly, I tell you) and noticed that the nail salon actually had Pretty Woman playing for guests.  Nearly changed all my spa plans so I could sit there and take it all in. But instead I went in for the facial and fell asleep on the table as the goddess-like spa hands soothed my skin back to normal. Jet lag is hell, isn’t it? 

While I know you’re all so interested in what I have to say about this experience, I also know pictures speak louder than words. Here’s a look at our Beverly Wilshire pool and spa day in Beverly Hills. Could not recommend more that you include this in your next LA itinerary. I’m missing it already. 

Oh, and I’m thinking of officially changing my name to Vivian and requesting a permanent room at the hotel. Think they’ll go for it? 

What I’m wearing:

J Crew Hat, Old Navy Dress, H&M Bag, ASOS Shoes

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Resort.


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