FFG Beauty: My biggest and best beauty secret (used for five years and counting)

In every article I’ve ever contributed to
on beauty, there is one product I have recommended time and again, and it
occurred to me last week that I had never really taken any time to write about
it on FFG. How this has happened, well, I just can’t explain. But here we are
and here I stand, bottle of the best beauty product I’ve ever used in hand.
Let’s get product details out of the way. It’s Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma ($155 / £126).
Sounds like something futuristic and crazy, right? Well, I thought so too the
first time I had heard of it. Why on earth would I be putting cold plasma on my
face? Sounds like something I need to go into a medical lab to do, right?

Five years ago I tripped upon a video on
Youtube. Funnily enough, today, I can’t find it anywhere and am starting to
wonder if I didn’t have some trippy out of body experience all these years ago.
On the video, there were maybe two dozen women talking about how one beauty
product had completely saved their faces. You guessed it, it was Dr.
Perricone’s Cold Plasma. These were women complaining of everything from simple
dry skin to full blown rosacea. Yet, every single woman speaking claimed that
this little bottle had turned everything around for them. They felt restored,
renewed, regenerated. What the hell was this stuff and why wasn’t I using it?

I had just tripped into my thirties, at the
time, and my skin was having a bad moment – a very bad moment indeed. I was
constantly red, had breakouts regularly and more or less just looked a bit of a
wreck. I was looking for help wherever I could find it, and was eventually told
that a laser treatment, that was both very expensive and painful at the time,
would be the only thing that could solve all my problems. But here was this
bottle and all these women singing its praises.

I continued to read about Dr. Perricone’s
Cold Plasma and couldn’t find one place online that had a bad word to say about
the results. Sure, there were entire forums devoted to the smell of the
product. Sadly, it smells like you are putting dead fish on your face when you
apply. I know, not sexy at all. But, the results are worth it and the smell
lasts for seconds and is then covered up with your moisturizer scent.

It’s hard to say what Dr. Perricone’s Cold
Plasma will do for you as every person seems to have a different issue with
their skin that it magically fixes. I kid you not, it’s magic in a bottle. I
have recommended it to every single person I know and not once have I had a
complaint about offering it up as the best of the best in beauty treatments.
It’s a serum that I call my magical eraser. It erases all imperfections and somehow
feeds my skin in a way that is otherworldly.

Earlier this year I did an experiment, just
to really make sure that Dr. Perricone was still the reason that my skin was
looking exceptionally clear. I stopped using it. For one month I left my skin
to exist clear of any sort of serum and only used my normal moisturizer. This
is no lie – at the end of the month, my skin looked tired, discoloured,
horribly red and inflamed and spotted with breakout patches. In short, I looked
like an adolescent again, without the overall youthful appearance. It wasn’t
pretty. Within hours of the 30 day “off period,” I had purchased another bottle
of Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma and was applying liberally. Over the next three
days the magical eraser was back and in full swing. The skin was being fed. The
texture was once again smooth, the redness disappeared and the glow returned in
full bloom.

While the product is not cheap, it is an
investment that is well worth every penny. I can say this with heart on hand –
if they ever announce they’re stopping production, I’ll buy in bulk and find a
way to keep it in my life until my very last breath. Dr. Perricone, if you’re
out there listening, you have created a hero product that I do hope every woman
will discover and embrace. It might just be the best kept secret in beauty and
I’m officially letting the cat out of the bag.

Ladies and gents alike – go, buy and apply
and let me know how it goes. I have a feeling your life is about to change…

Perricone MD Cold Plasma ($155 / £126)


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