Desert Days Part Two: The Homes of Palm Springs

I have it all figured out now. Instead of Prozac, the world needs weekends in Palm Springs. Never in my life have I seen such a bright and beautiful city. It is truly a “happy place.” It’s wonderfully warm, full of colour and crowded with people from all walks of life. It is a little oasis of charm in the middle of the desert and it’s worth the price of gas to get there. 

Above and beyond the weather and the people, I fell in love with the architecture. The homes will make you think you have taken a time machine, rather than a car, in getting here. You are stuck in the 1950s in Palm Springs. No doubt about it, and you’ll love every minute. As I drove around the countless neighbourhoods (there are 33 in total), I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of the architecture surrounding me. 

Of course one of the first houses we visited is one of the most popular on Instagram – the famous pink door of Palm Springs. With that done and dusted we hunted for more – more houses to add to our dream homes list. My camera was snapping away, left right and centre. This is a photographer’s dream and I suddenly understood why every single fashion photographer has used Palm Springs as a backdrop for everything from InStyle to Vogue. This is THE place. 

Naturally, I had to recap my mini adventure here. There were so many inspirational vistas, inspiring architectural moments and incredible “a-ha” experiences to be shared. So without further ado, I give you the homes of Palm Springs


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