Your Daily Shop: Perfect Summer Dresses from Madewell

Correct me if I’m wrong but summer is all about dresses. Ok, that’s a very personal opinion I’m sharing there, but one I believe wholeheartedly. Arms and legs can finally go free from fabric as the sun comes out and graces us with its presence. When embracing, or battling the heat, depending on the way you think about summer, dresses are a godsend. They’re also a miracle cure for the “I have nothing to wear” ailment. A dress you throw on, accessorize and go. Bottom line – easiest piece that exists in fashion. 

So, this summer I’m spending a lot more time time talking about dresses and I’m kicking off with Madewell. Well, in actuality this isn’t the first summer I’ve zoomed in on the offering at Madewell. These guys kill it when it comes to simple dresses with massive statements. In a nutshell – they are all fabulous and worth a look. But for now, I’ll just give you sneak peek at my top ten for the season:


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