The beauty of The Dorchester in London

There are a few hotels in London that are, shall we say, the luxury elite. They are adored for their extreme customer service, beautiful interiors and their ability to make anyone on earth feel like the only person on earth. In short, these hotels offer more than a bed for the night- they offer a lifestyle. This is the definition of five stars in the travel industry. And let’s just say that The Dorchester on Park Lane deserves every one of those stars.

Last month I had a chance to experience The Dorchester first hand. I spent one night in the luxurious Dorchester Suite and yes, it’s everything you’d expect from the name. It is the creme de la creme of The Dorchester offering. From the decadent decorations in both the living room and bedroom, to the marbled bathroom and spacious foyer, this is heaven overlooking Hyde Park. 

Now here’s the thing. Their were over a dozen areas in the suite to sit and think, and ponder the perfection of this space. I counted. But there was one where I found true uninterrupted happiness. In fact, I tweeted a picture from this space and had a few responses from followers telling me of famous people that had sat there before me. Apparently this sitting area is quite iconic – it’s the window seat in the corner of The Dorchester Suite, with a view overlooking Hype Park that will take your breath away. I should have been working, but instead I found myself paralyzed by this comfortable setup with a live show taking place below me. I watched as the world, and traffic, passed. It was one of those days when London was alive because the sun had decided to come out and play for a full eight hours. London in the sun is magnificent. London in the sun, with a room at The Dorchester is nirvana. 

As is always the case with these hotel moments, I take full advantage of the option of room service. Why are we so obsessed by this phenomenon? I can never explain it, but breakfast in bed is this side of heaven and it’s everything you’d expect it to be with the five stars of The Dorcheser on offer. 

In short, this stay has actually left me in a bit of a tough spot. Where does one go from here? Returning to even my own flat was a moment of depression. Why oh why doesn’t my humble abode come complete with a view of Hyde Park and a lovely young man serving me berries and Eggs Royale in the morning?

As always, here’s a look at the whole experience through the lens of my camera…

The Dorchester 

Park Lane, Mayfair 


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