London Life: The Ralph Lauren and Vogue Wimbledon Summer Cocktail Party

When it comes to extreme travel plans, I’m trying to keep things real these days. The less the better. But, I think you all know when it comes to Ralph Lauren, I’d happily travel on planes, trains and automobiles to get to any event honoring the brand. Hence the reason I found myself back in London for 24 hours on Monday night – to celebrate 10 years of Ralph Lauren bringing extreme style to the Wimbledon tennis tournament. 

On Sunday evening I boarded a red eye to London from New York and arrived a little worse for wear. I was saved, however, by the lovely folks over at super salon Paul Edmonds, as I nearly fell out of my chair for lack of sleep the night before. Yeah, yeah, I know – first world problems. These folks put me right again and for that I am eternally grateful (check out the blow dry below). 

By the time I found myself en route to Kensington Palace, I felt like a walking zombie. If someone were to talk time zones, I’m pretty sure I would have told them at that point I was in the Twilight Zone. That all being said, when I arrived on the scene, I had an instant shot of adrenaline eyeing up the layout before me. The Orangery at Kensington Palace had been transformed, and all in the name of honoring a ten year partnership between Ralph Lauren and Wimbledon. Coincidentally, I was supporting the name of the venue by wearing a bright orange number from Ralph Lauren for the night. 

Here’s a look at the event itself, and the fabulous outfits seen on everyone from Jessica Chastain to Boris Becker… (but, starting with me and my look)

Emily Johnston Fashion Foie Gras

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