Four Seasons: An experience in the app of luxury

Last week I was a bit spoiled with a true staycation in my hometown of London, England. The Four Seasons invited me to come and try out their brand new phone app that, I believe, is truly taking travel to the next level. There was wining, dining, sleeping and spa-ing, and most of it was organized via my iPhone. Yes, as crazy as that sounds, it’s the truth and it’s technology that is redefining the service industry. 

While I could sit here all day and wax lyrical about the new Four Seasons phone app, I thought I’d break it down into something a little more simple for you. How does – 10 reasons your need the Four Seasons phone app in your life– sound? Let’s get started, shall we?

1. The Four Seasons app isn’t just for paying guests of the Four Seasons

I thought I’d kick off with this one as I think it’s one of the highlights of the new phone application. The Four Seasons have put together a pretty amazing resource for all travelers with their new app.  Each and every city where you’ll find a Four Seasons hotel, there is a comprehensive guide to what to see and do while in town. Keeping in mind there are over 90 Four Seasons scattered around the globe, I think it’s safe to say this might just be the most helpful thing to hit iPhones yet. This is truly the creme de la creme of knowledge. It’s the worth the time to download the Four Seasons app just to score that feature alone. But then again, we’re just getting started. Now onto the perks of being a paying guest and using the app…

2. Check in is a thing of the past

Forget having to walk up to check-in and queue for service. The Four Seasons app now allows you to check in before you get to the hotel. So all you have to do is rock up to the front door, state your name and the bellman will have your key ready for you. At check in you put a time of arrival, so they know when roughly to expect you and they know they need to have the room ready at that time. Done, dusted and in the room.

3. Forgot anything? Let the app take care of it for you…

How often do you get off the plane and realize you’ve forgotten your toothbrush, razor, eye mask or the like? Basically, I forget something on every trip. So embarrassing. Well, now you can make sure all is in the room and waiting – order on the app. Are you getting the general idea here?  Human interaction is minimal at the Four Seasons, unless you want it to be more. It’s all about the easy street from here on out.

4. Going somewhere? Order a valet.

If you need to head out on the town or organize a car transfer from the hotel in a jiffy, then the app has that all ready for you to go. Just put in a request and a car will be waiting downstairs for you. The world’s your oyster. While the hotels are gorgeous, get out there and see the world while you’re in residence! 

5. Dining in the hotel or looking for reservations at a hot spot near your room? App it in.

Aw food, glorious food. Whether you want to take your dinner in the hotel room, hotel restaurants, or further afield, the Four Seasons app has you covered. You can even order room service in advance of your arrival so you have a piping hot meal waiting for you in the room when you lay down your bags. This just happens to be one of my favorite parts of the app. Food! Does that surprise you?

6. No need to worry about leaving a hanging menu on your door. Order breakfast from the app!

Long gone are the days of remembering to hang your breakfast menu on the door before 2am. Now you can order your breakfast while out to dinner on the other side of town. With the app, just put in your selection and time for delivery and it’s all French Toast fabulous. 

7. Organize room makeup and turn down on your schedule

One of my biggest annoyances with hotels is the turn down service. When you’re mid nap after a ridiculously long flight and can barely string a sentence together, this is when they tend to appear – for either turn down or room makeup. Well, the Four Seasons have listened to guests request to make this a more personalised experience. One can now enter in a time of their choosing for any room cleaning or turning down. Alongside this service, you can also request specific pillows, additional towels or a variety of other turn down treats. 

8. Spa on command

Yes, even the Spa is customizable on the Four Seasons app. Book an appointment, choose a treatment and off you go. Just show up at the spa ready to relax and let the rest take care of itself. (can we just talk about this view from the massage rooms at The Four Seasons Park Lane?)

9. Make sure your room is customized exactly how you like it, before you even arrive.

Again, the Four Seasons app is all about catering to your tastes. Pretty much everything about your stay is amendable and the app is there to walk you through it. So before you even step foot in a Four Seasons hotel, the room is made to your standard, from pillows to pies (if your heart so desires).

10. Check out via the app and away you go.

Last, but certainly not least, your final experience with the hotel can be had from the app. Oh yes, you can now check out and pay your bill via the app on your phone. Genius! 

In short, this is an app that is truly transforming the way in which we travel. Apparently, it’s also only the beginning. The Four Seasons will be listening to the feedback it has from hotel guests and will leave the app as an ever evolving project to make sure they are bringing you the best service possible. Oh so very Four Seasons. Always about the customer. 

To Four Seasons app is now available to download from the Apple iTunes store!

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Four Seasons Park Lane.


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