Flowerbx: The only place Londoners will be buying fresh cut flowers

I feel like I’m going to sound a little overexcited throughout this entire moment I’m about to have. So I apologize. However, when I discover something that is truly phenomenal, mind-blowing and earth shattering, I tend to write a bit quicker and with a thousand more descriptors in the text. Words like awesome enter my vocabulary, and these words were created for moments like these. The moment when you discover the best flower delivery service IN THE WORLD is a big moment, I’d say. Yes, I’m going out there on a limb. Yesterday morning I had my mind blown, thanks to Flowerbx.

Flowerbx is more or less the dream website for lovers of flowers. The website is simply this: fresh cut flowers, delivered straight from Holland to your doorstep. Long gone are the days of having to wake up at 4am to get flowers from a flower market. So so long gone are the days of paying extra for floral arrangements from florists. The future is now and it’s all about the best of the best in fresh blooms, delivered to you from Flowerbx. 

To be honest, I’m one who has always believed that florists are irrelevant in my life anyway. I love the idea of fresh cut flowers and task of coming home and arranging them in bits and bobs vases I have around the house. I always arrive with too many and find myself using everything from teapots to pitchers to store the armfuls of blooms I’ve bought. Flowerbx are cutting out the middle man, they’re letting you sleep in and they’re doing it all with style and grace. Even the delivery man was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen step out of a white branded van. Hubba, hubba. If you are in London, folks, this is a service that simply cannot be missed. 

After my delivery, and after I got over my initial shock at how magnificent the hydrangeas were (and how inexpensive they were in comparison to my local corner shop), I tried to take a few pictures with said flowers to show their size. Keeping in mind I myself am 6’2, and I could not for the life of me get these beautiful blooms to come into the frame in their entirety while attempting a sweet smelling selfie. But I tried. It was then time to run out the door so I threw the floors into a few vases and out I went. I did, however, snap a few pics for your amusement. The peonies have not yet bloomed, but I’ll post on instagram when they do! I am truly in blooming heaven!

Visit Flowerbx now to schedule a one off delivery or start a regular subscription to a new more floral filled life!


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