FFG Fitness: Hula-Hooping on the roof of The Berkeley, London

London, you now have a hula-hooping craze on your hands. Just thought I should warn you.

Last week I took part in an adventure like none other before. I hula-hooped by the side of the rooftop pool of The Berkeley in Knightsbridge. Now I must start by saying I was somewhat of a hula-hooping pro back in the day. I could keep that hoop spinning for minutes on end. I was the queen of the sidewalk, just me and my hoop. Sadly, 25 years later, the hula-hoop and I are at a standoff. My hips don’t seem to want to keep that lovely hoop spinning and I more or less went in with an ego that was quickly deflated in front of my journo colleagues. I spent more time bending over to pick up the hula-hoop, than actually spinning it. But… I have a new mission, and that is to see this class through until I’m back in hula-hooping glory.

Now, here’s what you need to know about the whole hula-hooping adventure at The Berkeley. First of all, this is a true work out. In 60 minutes you will burn up to 600 calories. Yes, it’s epic. You will discover muscles you never knew existed and you’ll be newly obsessed with strengthening your core to keep the hula-hoop mid waist. Now, it’s not all hard work. The Berkeley offers this as a package. You come for the class and finish with a nice dip in the pool and lunch overlooking Hyde Park. In short, it’s a luxury fitness experience. Why else would I be writing about it?

Here’s a look at the hula-hooping at the Berkeley, below.

To find out more, or to sign up for classes, call the Berkeley Health Club and Spa reception on 

+44 (0) 20 7201 1699 or email hulahoop@the-berkeley.co.uk.


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