FFG Eats: The Sloane Club

I’ve lived in London now for nearly 14 years. I like to think that in that time I’ve eaten in a good percentage of the well established restaurants, the places that have occupied spaces for decades, some centuries. However, occasionally my head is turned by a longstanding establishment that I never even knew existed and that’s when a meal becomes a story.

While in residence at The Apartments by Sloane Club last month, I was invited to have dinner in the main clubhouse. Now, it must be said right off the bat that this is a members only experience. That might explain why I had never eaten at The Sloane Club before – clearly mixing with the wrong crowd that didn’t have access. I kid. But, on this night I was given the full experience and what an experience it was. As far as service in London restaurants go, I felt I’ve never been treated better. In fact, and remember I’m saying this as an American, I do believe I’ve never received better service at a restaurant anywhere in the world. There is a reason the members at The Sloane Club sit content with smiles on their faces. The staff there treat each and every member as royalty (although a few members might actually BE royalty). While the food was fantastic, it was the service that made the experience shine like a diamond on the London restaurant scene, for me at least. 

While the food at The Sloane Club is well presented and thought through, it is not overly pretentious or above and beyond what it needs to be. They know what they do well and they deliver with passion and grace while meeting all expectations. I guess that’s just a longwinded way of saying that everything is delicious, beautifully delivered and no one left the table hungry, quite the opposite actually. 

So here’s the bottom line, or the lesson from all of this. If you’re ever invited to the Sloane Club to dine, swiftly say yes. Or, if you have the opportunity to apply for membership, let me just say it’s worth looking into. I’m still hoping they’ll make me an honorary member.

Here’s a look at how the meal unfolded. As really, what’s a restaurant mention without pictures.

For more information visit http://www.sloaneclub.co.uk/

FFG was a guest of The Sloane Club for dinner.


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