True Story: My blue and pink hair moment!

Here’s the thing, people. I’m not usually a risk taker when it comes to my hair. I’ll cut maybe three inches off, max, at a time. I’ll occasionally go in for a bit of a spruce up with colour to give things a fresher approach (aka, I’m 35 and sadly I’m battling new problems with stress and a little something called white hairs). And that’s it. I don’t do anything else. I stay long, I stay clean and I stay natural. Well, I guess I have to start writing that in past tense because last month in LA I did something a little crazy… twice. I involved colour. Not just any colour… blue and PINK!

Now before we all have a major breakdown about the idea of such a massive transformation, I’m going to tell you I’m cheating here a bit. For festival out at Coachellla, everyone was talking about transformations for the event. People wear festival clothing, flowers magically appear in your hair, face painting isn’t out of the question and more or less we all become something a little different when we let go and party hard at festivals. So, I thought I’d have my own moment of letting go and go with the flow after an introduction to FUDGE Urban Hair Colour – a spray on colour chalk that actually works on brunette hair (and launches end of this month!). For those of you that are brunettes, you’ll know that this has been a big struggle for us, right? Yes, I have tried this before and the product I used last summer was rubbish in comparison to this hair innovation.

So imagine this. Here I am sitting in Palihouse, in Santa Monica, and I’m looking at this bottle of blue Fudge Urban Colour hair art and wondering whether now is the time to do it? Do I spray all over? Do I leave it to streaks? In the end, I just starting spraying. I have a lot of hair so I must admit this was a bit of a trial and error situation. Before I knew it I’d used the whole bottle – and learned a valuable lesson… you don’t have to worry so much about the under hair… just get the top covered!

The end result was mind-blowing. I never expected to be an actual “blue hair”. I wanted to borrow a Cadillac and drive slowly down the 101. Ok, old American humor there. 

After blue, I wanted more. Over the next few days I went through every colour scheme. It is AMAZING what colour will do to your outfit choice in the morning. Let’s just say my usual Ralph Lauren neutrals felt a bit out of place with this wild and crazy new hair! 

My favorite colour, however, had to be pink. I had way too much fun with this but found I loved doing things like braiding my hair or streaking it with pink segments. So the skinny is this – this summer I’m playing with colour, not just in clothing but also with hair and makeup. It’s a summer of experimentation. Shall I do green next? I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more – make sure you follow FFG on instagram to see the latest and greatest brave colour moments. 


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