The summer makeup edit: High Street price perfection for fun in the sun

So here’s the bottom line, ladies – makeup is not better because you paid more for it. Sounds like common sense, right? Well, apparently it’s not. Sure there are some great products out there from some big names. Hell, I’ve featured a lot of them here on FFG. They work, they’re great, but buying them sometimes leaves you eating mac’n’cheese from a box for a month after. But, there are alternatives. There are drugstore / high street beauty finds that are truly miraculous and I’m diving in head first to find them for you, and for myself. I wanted to start with a little discovery that I was introduced to by Mademoiselle Robot just before our last little hop to Los Angeles. I want in search of something to help me battle the sun and heat, on a budget.

Naturally it takes a true fabulously french lady to introduce me to a brand like Bourjois – my hot weather makeup saviour. I had never purchased from this brand before. Frankly speaking, I’m not one who frequently experiments with drug store buys when it comes to makeup. The aisles actually scare me. There are so many products that I find the whole experience quite daunting and my head just spins out of control. So, I go in for what I know and I make a quite getaway. And what I know comes from the beauty buffs online. Most of my purchases have been made because other bloggers have steered me in the right direction. And now, I feel I’m in a position to take the helm and tell you to direct your eyes straight towards the Bourjois concession for success.

Now you know the story of how we got here, I just want to outline for you a few of my favourite products, why I love them and why you’re going to love them too. Never fear, this won’t be too painful. Let’s go list form, it’ll make this easier on all of us.

1. Nude Sensation Foundation (£9.99)-

I’m starting with the basics first here and the product I found truly life changing. I am not a woman who often wears foundation. I feel like my pores are suffocating when I do – truly. So I just skip that part of the usual beauty routine. However, as I’m aging, I’m finding my skin isn’t giving me that same easy glow that it used to. So I gave this little tub a go. Well, I’ll just go ahead and tell you that it’s like whipped cream for your face. It’s light, almost bubble like, and smoothes on easily. The coverage is amazing and I don’t look like a walking cake face. Success! The real test, however, was the Los Angeles sun. Ladies – I can confirm it holds up fabulously well. I wasn’t begging to remove it at the end of the day and, in fact, committed a cardinal sin in the process. I forgot to take my makeup off that night! Oh heavens to Betsey! Thank goodness Bourjois agrees with my skin. But, truly that’s how light the product is in reality. It basically does what it says on the tin, with pizazz. 

2. Bourjois Aqua Blush 12hr  (£8.99)

Speaking of light and airy, this next product is my all time favourite high street blusher. It blends perfectly, mixes well with the foundation and truly lasts all day. Is it wrong that I have it in all four colours? This is just brilliant. Bottom line, no need to say more. 

4. Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder (£7.99)

Alright, now this I actually have seen out and about before – in nearly every woman’s purse I know and love. So I suppose I can’t give Mademoiselle Robot all the credit for the introduction. Sorry, lady. 

When a woman takes out a bronzer that looks like a bar of chocolate, you take notice. And that’s exactly what this little beauty is – a bar of chocolate that gives you a summer glow that’s just as sweet. Buy, keep, but remember not to eat in a fit of desperation for sugar. 

Now, while those four are on my MUST BUY BEAUTY list, there were a few other bits and pieces I loved playing around with, that are featured in the look below.

They are as follows: Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Hap’pink, Bourjois Volume Glamour Push Up Waterproof Mascara, Bourjois Colorblind Shadow stick in Rose Fauviste.

Seriously, ladies, this is a brand to investigate to see if it’s a right fit for you. As always, each and every beauty product should be tested to make sure it fits with your skin type and complexion. Go forth, trial, have fun and get ready for summer heat. It will come to England eventually, right? 


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