The Cheeseburger Sweater

It seems fitting to write this the day after reviewing a hot dog joint in Los Angeles. If anything could solidify my status in the UK as a girl who is 100% American made, I reckon it’s this series of posts. Ladies and gentleman, I’m wearing it loud and proud – both my nationality and the fact that I’m wearing a sweater that showcases a statement that says nothing else but “Cheeseburger Sweater.” 

Let’s take a step back here and just appreciate that there even is such a thing. What a miraculous world we live in where a meal can step into fashion and be a trend setter. Although, let’s be real here. Cheeseburgers have been ruling the restaurant scene in London now for a few years. It’s about time they got dragged into knitwear, right? What took you so long, silly retailers. We are a world obsessed.

In honour of the beautiful sweater above… I’ve put together a wishlist of sorts. I suppose I would title it “Burger goes Vogue.” Oh, for a burger to score a cover of Vogue…


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