Have you taken your dog selfie yet?!

Last week we launched a new charity initiative asking people to take to social networks to share pictures of themselves and their dogs, all in the hope of supporting the Dogs Trust in the UK. The results have been outstanding. We have seen so many friends of animals come forward and share an intimate moment with their furry partners in crime and we’re really hoping this kind of excitement can continue. So yes, that’s why I’m back and asking you to please continue sharing your selfies and encouraging your friends and family to do so as well! More information about the #adogisforlife selfie can be found here, but for now, here’s a quick recap of what you need to do to take part:

Take a selfie with the dog in your life today, or find a picture of a dog that has meant more to you than words can ever express and share that image socially, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use the hashtag #ADogIsForLife and share that picture far and wide. But don’t stop there. While sharing that picture, tag three of your friends that also want to help in supporting a campaign to honour our best friends and to support a charity that is working hard to protect them all. Challenge them to also share a selfie with a furry four legged friend. And if you can find it in your hearts to do so, please pledge £5 to Dogs Trust as you share the selfie, and encourage others to do so as well. Text “LOVE01 £5” to number 70070 (UK only) and your donation is done. Easy as that. You’ll receive a text back say you have donated to the Dogs Trust and in that moment you truly will be a hero to little friends the world over. 

It truly is as easy as that. A quick thank you to all that have participated and a thank you, in advance, to all those about to give the time. Your help will go to find some home for so many dogs in need in the years ahead! 


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