FFG Travels: Palihouse, Santa Monica

So here’s the thing. When it comes to Santa Monica, I sometimes feel as if a part of me was always meant to come and settle here. It’s a spectacular place with the ocean on its front porch, beautiful store fronts all around, scrumptious restaurants serving delicious dishes from breakfast to dinner and a “scene” like no other. It is, in short, my favourite part of Los Angeles. In fact, it is so close to my heart that I’m often willing to leave my bestie in Silver Lake and check into a hotel to enjoy the beauty of this heaven on earth every time I visit. This time around I tried a new location on for size and checked into the Palihouse Santa Monica.

Where do I start when it comes to the Palihouse Santa Monica? I suppose the place to start is to say it was a total surprise. I had heard it was a pretty cool hotel in a great location, within walking distance of everything from the ocean to Third Street Promenade. That was all I knew. I booked this bad guy blind and, hands down, it’s the best result I’ve had from such an exercise. I was checked in for four nights and I was really looking for a place that could double as an apartment for my remaining time in Los Angeles. Well imagine my surprise at walking in and finding that my room is actually bigger than most apartments I’ve lived in for years in London. Combine that with the cool Soho House sort of vibe and you had a space that felt like my London lifestyle had plopped itself straight down into Santa Monica. How on earth had I never heard of this place before now?

While in residence I stayed in the Palihouse Santa Monica studio apartment. The space came with a massive room, gorgeous bathroom, fully loaded kitchen, vanity space and two walk in closets that made my cry with happiness. Instantly I started wondering if they rent by the month for a bargain price. Why bother finding a future flat in Los Angeles if I can just move in here? Hell, even the perfumed candle was from the same fragrance company I’ve worshipped for the past five years. There were just too many signs to mention that the two of us were a match made in heaven. 

So here’s the bottom line. It’s not cheap at Palihouse, but nothing in Santa Monica is. I was looking at other options on the shore that would have cost me four times what I was paying to stay in Palihouse, and provided 1/5 the living space. In the end, my arse would thank me for staying a few blocks from the ocean, forcing me to walk further every day. And the walk… oh the walk. There are few things more pleasurable than walking the streets of Santa Monica on a beautiful day. And, people, we’re in LA – when is any day not beautiful? 

As pictures speak louder than words ever can in this world today, here’s a look at my experience at Palihouse Santa Monica.

Palihouse Santa Monica

1001 Third Street

Santa Monica, California 90403


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