FFG Travels: 45 Park Lane, London

I’ve been driving past 45 Park Lane, in London, now for years. It’s a beautiful piece of architecture that most definitely stands out at night, lit golden from top to bottom. I’ve brunched there, I’ve taken meetings over coffee in the lobby and I’ve enjoyed a wide array of cocktails with friends in the bar. However, I had never before stepped inside a room, until now.

I should start by saying that my stay at 45 Park Lane couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. I checked in as a I returned to London, sad and depressed from having said goodbye to my family in the USA. For those of you that know and read the blog often, you’ll know that I was suffering some serious Boomer withdrawal. To cut a long story short, I am a nightmare for 72 hours after returning to London from the USA. This is just standard. So somehow walking into a studio suite at 45 Park Lane lessened the pain. Oh, who am I kidding? I didn’t have a thought of the USA from the moment I closed the heavy wooden door behind me as I stepped into the suite. 

I’ve developed a bit of a ritual these days when I check into a Dorchester Collection hotel (if you haven’t already, check out my reviews for Hotel Bel Air and Beverly Hills Hotel, both part of the collection). Each and every one of their hotels is the most luxurious to be found in its respective city and while each hotel has its own personality, they all offer a service that is so similar in nature you could easily think you have arrived home in every one of the Dorchester Collection hotels. So, in saying that, here’s my ritual – I put on a big fluffy bathrobe, grab a diet coke from the fridge, leap onto the bed and take in every element of my surroundings, from soft furnishings to window views. 45 Park Lane did not disappoint. Upon checking in, I was greeted with a beautiful London day and a perfect window layout to take in Hyde Park, in all its springtime green glory. From there, it’s straight into the bath for a good soak. When you have a bath this size, you don’t let it go to waste, people.

45 Park Lane is a contemporary luxury playground. From the bathroom, with heated floors and specially decorated rubber duckies, to touch screen room and in room service controls, this is The Jetsons’ lottery dream. I do believe I could have spent at least three more nights enjoying the room and taking in the incredible art littered throughout the hotel, from lobby to penthouse. And don’t get me started on the staff, that are truly aiming to make your stay as pleasant as humanly possible. Every single guest is treated as if they are home, as is the Dorchester way. But, these individuals go above and beyond the call of duty in offering to assist and then in actually providing said help. THIS is what makes a hotel stand out from the pack, and it is not a step away from perfection here at 45 Park Lane.

Checking out made me think this wasn’t the best solution to homesickness after all. I went from being homesick for America to homesick for my luxury accommodations at 45 Park Lane. How’s a girl to win here?

45 Park Lane, London

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of 45 Park Lane. 


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