Behind the Scenes of an Elle UK photo shoot with ghd

So imagine a tool
so incredibly innovative that to celebrate it’s launch, the manufacturer teams
up with one of the UK’s leading fashion magazines to showcase it’s brilliance with one
of the most highly guarded secret sessions in the industry – a glossy magazine
fashion photo shoot!

These days we’re
all trained to believe that when it comes to print magazines, it’s all smoke
and mirrors. We see a beautiful woman and covet her body, skin and hair – all
typically enhanced by the wonders of modern day computer technology. Oh, the
beauty that is retouching. Yet, 
ghd believed that their new ghd Platinum Styler was so miraculous that the hair they showcase would need no special attention
at all. So, they teamed up with Elle to hold an “open day” where women across
London could come and watch as a photoshoot takes place for future pages in the

I went out to East
London to check what was going on, as how often does such a thing happen? Turns
out I wasn’t the only one excited by the opportunity. Hundreds of women were
queuing by the time I arrived on the scene, only half an hour after doors
opened. I did get a bit of special attention, and felt terribly guilty for it,
as I was lead to the head of the queue. Ladies, I wholeheartedly apologise. I
saw the evil dagger eyes coming my way. I was there on a mission to share with
the world everything that would be shared about a new product launch. I had to
get in there!

And I sincerely hope that everyone who turned up got a chance to enter the place where hair history has been changed forever. I kid you not, readers, I am floored by what I have discovered. Each and every bystander was given the chance to sit for a session with a ghd stylist to have their hair done with the ghd Platinum Styler. Ladies – you no longer have an excuse for disheveled hair. No time – this takes minutes. Thinking the heat will hurt your hair – think again as the ghd Platinum has actually been shown to improve the quality of your hair. Let’s see, why else would you choose not to put in an effort to look glam daily? Maybe you think it’s too difficult for the average joe to get great results? Yeah well, even I can do this and I am absolutely rubbish when it comes to tools. 

In short, I’m saying that even I was floored by what I was hearing, seeing and experiencing for myself. No wonder ghd had no problem sharing their photo shoot. Even the stylists on the day were telling me how miraculous a product this was and how it would actually improve their quality of life in working with hair in salons – faster, healthier and more effective results with clients. 

So, you want to buy one? Well, get in line with me. There’s actually a pre-order happening at the moment, as the product doesn’t officially launch until mid-June. I’ve actually asked ghd if I can come in and do some video tutorials with them to really showcase for you guys what we can do with this game changer. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know more if that ends up happening, after the product is released. 

Now, for those of you that couldn’t make it down for the big day of The Live Shoot with Elle and ghd, I’ve put together herewith a bit of a visual diary of the experience. From models to wannabes (like myself), here’s the ghd/Elle Experience featuring the ghd Platinum Styler — check out that curl I’m rocking!!!!

FFG was a guest of GHD on set with Elle Magazine.


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