50 ways to reinvent the Ice Cream Sandwich this weekend

First of all, Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! As I’m sure most of you are planning BBQs with friends this weekend, I thought this the most appropriate time to do a dessert feature I’ve been pondering for sometime. I feel as if I’ve had dozens of different types of Ice Cream Sandwiches this year and thought it high time that I share some of the amazing recipes I’ve come across along the way.

Long gone are the days when ice cream sandwiches were simply wrapped goodies we pulled from the freezer. Oh no. In 2015, ice cream sandwiches are as gourmet as they come. This is all about a mind blowing experience and it seems everyone’s imagination is working overtime to think of the next best way to make an ice cream sandwich new and fun. 

I started an Ice Cream Sandwich recipe board on Pinterest with the idea that I’d save a few and be on my merry way. Well, 50 ideas later and I had a complete encyclopedia of Ice Cream Sandwich recipes ready to share for summer ahead. 

From donuts to cronuts, pies to chicken thighs (ok, that’s not been invented yet, but only a matter of time), I’ve put together a rather comprehensive look at the ice cream sandwich recipes that are taking the world by storm. Have a look and let your culinary creativity run wild…

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