10 ways to wear a black leather jacket this spring

Most of the ladies I know at the moment are finding themselves in a seasonal transition. It’s not winter anymore, thank God, but it’s also not quite spring. So we’re all playing a game of layering correctly. It’s not easy to do at all, but there are a few wardrobe elements that can be useful at this time of year. An absolute essential for this time period, which every woman should have in her wardrobe anyway, is a black leather jacket. Now, if you don’t own such an item, don’t panic. This doesn’t mean you have to rush out to Mulberry, Acne, Burberry or the like. Some of my favourite leather jackets over time have been discovered in second hand shops and I’ve never paid over ten bucks for any of them. The best part? Someone else has done the hard work in breaking it in for you. 

So, here’s the question we’re dealing with today – how do you wear a black leather jacket in springtime? Well, I scoured the instagram feeds of the world’s top style bloggers to bring you the best of the best in style examples when it comes to wearing the black leather jacket and killing it with fashion. These ladies have their favourite black leather jackets, and there doesn’t seem to be a season that goes by when they aren’t sporting the fashion essential. So take notes from some of the world’s best and put these tips into practice for the coming months!

{For more great ideas check out FFG’s Pinterest Board on How to Wear a Black Leather Jacket}

1. While a black leather jacket loves an all black ensemble to match, it pairs just as well with a major pop of colour. If anything, it helps tone down what might otherwise be a colour explosion. 

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2. Now then, what were we saying about going black from head to toe? Yeah, that is a style that will always work and always look chic as hell!

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3. This is a truly “wear if you dare” scenario. Not everyone is made to wear culottes. But if you’ve got the bod, flaunt it! Love this look – black leather jacket, grey knit and off-white culottes. Just wish I could pull it off!

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4. As it’s summer, in the not too distant future, let’s get a black-leather-jacket-shorts look in the mix. Here’s the bottom line – jean cut offs and a black leather jacket go together like cinnamon and sugar – all the sweeter when paired together. Rock it at festivals or on city streets. Fashion doesn’t discriminate. 

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5. Falling back into a pop of colour and a bit of leg, pair your black leather jacket with a great statement mini. 

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6. Did I say pair your black leather jacket with a mini? Hey, it’s just as easy to work with a maxi…

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7. And for those looking for a great in between that will totally show off some rocking curves, pair with a simple white tee, tied at the waist, and a great black pencil skirt. 

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8. A black leather jacket loves to be thrown over the shoulders, like a carefully planned afterthought. For colder mornings this spring, this is the perfect way to wear your black leather.

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9. Here’s where you can absolutely never go wrong – wearing your black leather jacket with stripes. Actually, you can never go wrong with stripes in general, but this is an ideal layering scenario. 

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10. Go a step further with the stripes and layer with white overalls, complete with the leather jacket thrown on top. There’s so much going on here for style, we could peel you like an onion, layer by layer, and you’d still be rocking the runway! 

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