10 style tips Instagram provided this week: From ladylike dresses to fabulous florals

Another week, another seven days of incredible inspiration found on Instagram. Style bloggers are bringing their A-game this time around and we’re learning how to wearing everything from simple ladylike dresses to jean cutoffs for warm weather ahead. 

Now,  I must say I’m always looking for new style inspirations, so if you have an instagram that you’d love to share, to add to my weekly checklist, please share below in the comment section.

1. First up, I wanted to bring to your attention the idea of wearing black in summer. I know so many women who think that black dresses aren’t appropriate for summer weather. Oh how wrong we all are, as displayed herewith. A black dress with the correct shape for breathe-ability is a must have for a summer luxury look. It’s easy to throw on and go. Make it happen, ladies.

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2. Jean cutoffs. They are a summer essential, right? Well, there’s no reason they can’t be paired with other wardrobe staples. Borrow a shirt from the boy’s closet and layer with a great cargo jacket and you’re sorted. Just add a statement colour or print (or in this case striped) accessory, and you’re a sidewalk goddess.

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3. I love this look because of it’s incredible simplicity. So many of us believe that style is hard. This clearly shows the opposite. Just wear a great fitted sweater and circle skirt and you’re more or less a hero. Have fun mixing textures but keep things in check with your shapes. 

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4. Speaking of simplicity – a jumpsuit can be your best friend this summer and all the better if in a colour that completely flatters a tan. Pair with a great pair of heels and a statement bag for a pulled together look. Only important tip – make sure the playsuits or jumpsuit fits you to perfection. Get a tailor involved if need me.

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5. Denim and floral. There’s nothing more to say – a combination as meant to be as tea and honey!

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6. Denim, denim, everywhere. Summer isn’t just about denim jeans and denim jackets. This season there is an incredible offering of denim dresses and I, frankly speaking, can’t get enough.

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7. You know that old thought that all anyone really needs is a great white tee to succeed in fashion? It’s no lie. A simply white top with the right accessories is unbeatable in the style arena.

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8. While this outfit is just brilliant from oversized top to a-line skirts, it’s the heels I want to concentrate on here. I know, so simply right? Well, nude heels are a blessing in disguise. They instantly lengthen the leg and slim the silhouette. In short, buy a pair instantly if you don’t already have this tool in your wardrobe.

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9. How high would you go with your maxi skirt/dress slit? Well, the times they are a changing. There’s no end in sight for how high we’ll go, but it’s getting pretty dangerously tall these days. So, with that in mind, just prepare yourself accordingly!

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10. We started out with the power of a little black dress for summer and we’ll move to the opposite end of the spectrum with a beautiful white maxi. Once again, when it comes to summer, simple is more often than not the winner in the style quotient. 

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