Style Update: Totally for talls...entirely in love with this brand collaboration...

posted on: Saturday, 18 April 2015

Aw, another day in LA. Another day filled with beautiful light and fabulous heat. While this week in LA is mostly about grabbing sun, there are also a few meet and greets on the books. So, what does one wear for a fashionable meeting in the city of Angels? Well, I took a chance on a more sophisticated combination. White blazer, chambray shirt and a striking silver skirt, why not? I was very happy with the result indeed and ready to look like a power player on the LA scene. Am I convincing? I feel as if this is the 2015 version of Miami Vice. Don Johnson, I'm coming for you.

Now, I do have to give a special shout out to Long Tall Sally - makers of the skirt and jacket. As you guys know, I've spoken quite openly about the fact that I'm over six feet tall. Finding clothes can be a killer - especially when it comes to blazers and skirts. However, the length of both of the garments shown in the pictures herewith showcases a range of clothing that fits like a glove. I'm in heaven, absolute heaven! Both pieces are part of the TTYA x Long Tall Sally collaboration (skirt soon to be released).