Style Update: A Juicy Couture Californian moment

Here’s the thing about discovering new places…. I love doing it. I love getting lost, twisting around new corners where you have no idea what you’ll find, and eventually making your way home feeling like you have achieved something that day. Discovering, in my book, is achieving. And these pictures, were taken on a discovery mission on the coast of California. 

With friends and family in a loaded SUV, we set out to sit on a beach. Little did we know we’d end up about 25 miles south of where we intended to be. However, the end result was empty sand, beautiful weather and dozens of memories made. If you aren’t out there discovering, people, you might as well not be living at all. That’s why these pictures are some of my favourite from Los Angeles. I’m in totally blissed out happiness mode. Can’t you tell? I’m also Juicy Couture-d from head to toe. 

It all seemed fitting – rediscovering a brand that was an old favourite while I discover the homeland that brought the brand into fruition. So, without further ado, here’s a look at some of my favourite pieces of Juicy Couture for spring/summer, as shot on the sandy shores of Southern California. Tell me you aren’t in love with with LA patch denim jacket?!

Check and your local Juicy Couture store for availability of items. 

In collaboration with Juicy Couture. 


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