FFG Travel Bites: Food at The Peninsula Paris

Sometimes food is so good, so picturesque and so over the top that it deserves it’s own little love letter. Dining at The Peninsula Paris deserves an entire book of pictures devoted just to the dishes, so that the whole world may enjoy the culinary creativity on display here. But, we’ll have to just start with this little ditty.

Of course, it’s Paris so we should expect amazing food right after stepping off the Eurostar, right? Au contraire, mon frere. Just because you’re visiting Paris doesn’t insure you’re dining experiences will all be excellent. However, dining at The Peninsula Paris will surely improve your chances of such a success rate. 

After five meals at The Paris Peninsula, and dozens of pictures of the task at hand, I’ve put together a sort of comprehensive look at what one can expect, from breakfast in the room to fine dinner dining on the rooftops of Paris. Here, without further ado, is the official foodie’s dream landscape…


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