Dogs Trust Friday: Meet Bronson, the most unexpected softie

I am a person that is constantly surprised by life. Here I think I have everything figured out and the world throws me a total curveball. It’s usually people that surprise me the most. Dogs, not so much. I’m pretty good at spotting a sweetie pie when I see one, yet on my last visit to Dogs Trust I was introduced to a pooch that I was sure would be a hard sell. He was all dog – big, powerful and shoulders squared for chaos. Bronson, the Akita cross, came into the room and I was a little intimidated at first. Yet, once again I was taught a quick lesson – first impressions mean absolutely nothing. 

Bronson marched over to me and his first action was to sit right on my lap. Talk about a shocker. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes, and then turned away and looked at the tennis balls in front of us. Bronson wanted to play. But, here’s the twist. As much as he loved playing, he seemed to love affection even more. I was immediately down on the floor rolling around with this big beauty and he was the ever-dominant male always trying to snuggle or sit on me. What a cutie. The kisses were many, the cuddles cuter than anything I’ve experienced before, and the goodbye one of the hardest I’ve done in my lifetime. 

Bronson, like all the other gorgeous pups I feature here, is looking for a home. He requires a lot of love and attention to settle in and he’s very active. But, you’ll soon find he’s the member of your family you’ve been missing. Take a chance on Bronson. I wish I could. Seriously, I think it’s time I moved to the country where I can adopt each and every one of these beauties. 


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