Dogs Trust Friday: Little ladies with big hearts

I want to start today’s Dogs Trust introduction by stating that I have NEVER been a little dog owner. I’ve always gone for the bigger dogs. Maybe it has something to do with being over six feet tall. A little dog just somehow wouldn’t look right walking down the street with me. As I come from a tall family, the bigger dogs just fit more with who we are. Don’t they always say a dog is a reflection of you? Well, it seems all these years I was missing out on some tiny golden relationships. I know this because I have met Polly and Bertha, two Jack Russell Terriers from Dogs Trust Basildon

When Polly and Bertha first came into the room to meet me, it was the first time in my life where I really had to work to win a dog’s trust. Both stayed with their volunteers at the centre and had little interest in me at all. I laid myself flat on the floor trying to showcase that I wasn’t a threat and I covered myself in dog treats to entice them over. Eventually their curiosity got the best of them and they made their approach, as a team. You see, Polly and Bertha stick together like a tight little unit. They feel more comfortable as a pair. As soon as one was over, the other followed. I had to work with these little ladies, and the effort ended up being so rewarding. Within twenty minutes we were cuddling, playing and getting to know one another. 

I will never understand humans that create frightened dogs. I’ll just say this and be done with it. How anyone could harm a beautiful animal, a companion to mankind, is truly beyond me. And to be confronted with two beautiful pups that require a great deal of love to overcome trust issues really once again opened my eyes to the cruelty that exists in the world. But, there’s good news. These lovely ladies just require an owner willing to put in the time to build a relationship that will last. Once you have the attention of Polly and Bertha, you have a love that will never leave you, and they are looking for that love, desperately. 

Please, if you can, make room in your home for Polly and Bertha, or another special friend from Dogs Trust. Remember that this is a charity in the UK that never puts a dog down. They work tirelessly to find homes for all of their four legged friends and that’s the reason FFG supports them 100% in their efforts.

If you aren’t able to give a dog a home, for whatever reason, but are an animal lover, please consider donating your time or money to the cause by visiting:


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