Dazzling Diamonique Day: Sparkles ahead…

It’s silly to say I’m into sparkles. What girl doesn’t love diamonds? Marilyn Monroe certainly said it best when she sang- “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Only problem there, as we all know, is that diamonds are certainly not a cheap collectible. Over the years, I’ve turned a great deal to costume jewellery to achieve maximum glitterati without a punch to the credit card. I’m admitting this little secret obsession in honour of QVC’s Diamonique Day. It’s a day, Tuesday the 14th of April, on the TV channel and online that is focused entirely on all the goodies we love that sparkle and shine. And as you imagine, these pieces are also all pretty perfectly priced.

For those of you thinking – QVC??? Well, let me tell you folks – the bargains to be found here are endless. I’m just stating truth. You don’t have to be a home TV channel shopper to score a find, so let’s put that myth to bed right now. QVC.co.uk is worth checking out, end of, but today there’s special reason to jump online and have a gander. All three pieces featured above were sent to me by QVC to have a try on and naturally I jumped at the chance to share. Here’s the honest truth – I haven’t taken the panther necklace, pictured above, off since I put it on last week. It’s the world’s most perfect length and it’s drawing compliments from all over the world at present. And the ring, well the ring is just about the right size to match my future engagement ring. That, unfortunately, has not yet found it’s way to the right finger. 

Happy shopping today, folks!


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