A Magical Return: Disneyland as an adult

Here’s something I’ll never be ashamed to admit. I cried as the Disney Princesses arrived on the scene at the Disneyland parade just last week. Yes, I was positively overwhelmed by the scene around me. Both kids and adults shared the curbs of California in this magical place where, no matter your age, you are taken to a land far far away. To have the ability to witness such a spectacle and not melt on the spot would mean you have a heart of stone.

When we arrived at Disneyland, we did have a young one with us. I mean actually young, under the age of ten. Somehow this initially made me feel more like we belonged there. However, after spending the day in make-believe paradise, I spotted more adults than kids making the rounds on the rides and queuing for a chance to meet the characters in the flesh (or costume). You see, Disney has a way of throwing age out the window and making us all the same. Adults are kids again, and kids are  just kids with the ability to finally experience a place that lives up to their incredible imaginations. 

Alright, so this wasn’t meant to just be a rant about the magic of Disneyland. Let’s throw some useful information in here already. So, in one day we got the park hopper pass and moved between the new Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland. I’ll start by saying that if you are disciplined and devoted to the cause, it is possible to do both parks in one day. We were given the suggestion to start with Disney California Adventure and move from there to Disneyland for the afternoon, to catch the parade. All went very smoothly indeed with this game plan in place. Now, one great tip we had – the hottest ride at both parks right now is the Cars ride. The minute you get to the park, run, don’t walk, to the fast track ticket queue for Cars. Get your passes, move along your merry way and you’ll experience the park knowing you have THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE scheduled in. You’ll get a time stamp and everything – easy as pie. 

A few more things to remember when visiting the park. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. What I am about to tell you may ruin me forever. I wore new shoes to Disneyland. Hello, amateur hour. Halfway through the experience I limped into a wilderness themed shop and begged for flip flops. All they had on offer were Crocs – Mickey Mouse Crocs. I kid you not folks, I ended up wearing Crocs for the remainder of my adventure. And kill me now, they were the most comfortable shoes I have ever experienced. Or it could just be that the blisters from the last shoes had totally thrown me off when it comes to comfort and class. Go figure. Bottom line – wear good shoes you trust or pack extras! Also remember to pack sunscreen. You don’t realize how much time you spend in direct sunlight and it’s killer. 50+ on the SPF, folks. Last, but certainly not least, buy Mickey Mouse ears and have your name embroidered on the back. This is an absolute essential for you, your friends or your kids. You will thank yourself for years to come for doing this very simple task. 

Whatever you do, put Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on your bucket list. It is truly an amazing day out and one that will leave you with a Goofy-like spring in your step for at least a month after your visit. I’m still beaming. 

Here’s a cheeky peek at the fun that was had by all…starting with Disney California Adventure…

And moving onto Disneyland…


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