Style Update: More Issues Than Vogue

Fashion has reached a place where the writings on the sweatshirt, well the statement sweatshirt anyway. Seems everyone has something to say and they’re now saying it, not so subtly, with their clothing. It’s a trend and it’s one that I think we can all have a little fun with it, as far as making fun of ourselves is concerned. 

I found the “More Issues Than Vogue” sweatshirt while out and about with a friend in Notting Hill, walking home after lunch. We saw it in the window and she announced she was buying it for me as a special gift. At the time I wondered if she was secretly trying to tell me I truly did have more issues than Vogue. I still am unsure of the motives here. To protect my own sanity, I’m thinking she was on the same wavelength as me – just loving a great piece of fun fashion. Which brings us to where we are today – with me daring to wear this bad boy out and about in public. 

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