Style Update: A kiss from a rose

Occasionally I find one piece of clothing that’s so off the wall crazy, but at the same time makes all the sense in the world. It’s the garment you spot from across the room, fall in love with and then as an after thought think to yourself, “how the hell am I going to wear that?” This printed lip kimono jacket from Pippa Lynn at Urban Outfitters is just that sort of item. I spotted it, had to have it and then got it home and thought to myself, “it will find a way to mix into a look.” I bought it, forgot about it and then re-discovered it last week. Now I find myself wanting to pair it with everything. Isn’t fashion funny like that? 

Pippa Lynn… if you are out there somewhere reading, I’m newly obsessed with everything you do! Keep the goods coming!!! 

Also wearing: L.K. Bennett Gisele Heels, MCM Bag and Ralph Lauren belt.


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