FFG Eats: Eggslut, Los Angeles

Eggslut… the name alone is turning heads, and causing the formation of very long lines. In fact, I’m sure a few of you will have found your way here as curious as anyone else about what the hell kind of establishment names themselves Eggslut. Well, let’s go head and put one question to rest – yes, it is all about eggs. 

Eggslut is an eatery in Los Angeles, based in Grand Central Market, that has perfected the egg sandwich. It’s open from 8am-4pm and never sees a slow moment. Sure, you may be lucky enough to catch the line at just four to five people, but chances are you’ll be waiting with the rest of LA to sink your teeth into a an egg-cellent sandwich wrapped in brown paper and stamped with the seal of Eggslut approval.  

So what makes Eggslut’s egg sandwiches stand bun and butter above the competition? Well, let’s start with the bun. Eggslut serves their sandwiches on a piping hot brioche bun that’s soft, fresh and the prefect taste mix for whatever Eggslut combination you choose on the day. For my first Eggslut experience, I went for the sausage, egg and cheese. While your standard sausage, egg and cheese was a step above the rest here, it was the added honey mustard aioli that gave this little creation it’s proper kick in the tongue. 

Now never fear, carb haters, as there’s an option here for you too. And for those of you that are burger lovers – wait for it… There’s a burger. Ok, well I guess it was obvious that was coming. As I was visiting at 8am, it didn’t seem appropriate to ask for the burger option. But, I was salivating while reading the description on the menu. Wagyu beef, caramelized onions, pickles, melted cheddar cheese and a djionnaise sauce are all waiting for me when I return to order the Eggslut burger next month. Watch this space…


317 S. Broadway, 

Inside Grand Central Market

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Open 8am-4pm 


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