For your eyes only… the world’s first bespoke mascara

Just when you think the world of beauty can’t get anymore personalized, Eyeko go and launch the most personal service to date – a bespoke mascara. Yes, folks, there is now an official emergency room for the eyelash impaired. And, for the first time in a long time, I happen to be in need of mascara. As you well know, I’m a lash extension girl. I usually sit for extensions and use Latisse to keep the eyelashes growing as the extensions grow out. However, it’s been a while since I sat in the chair of the eyelash expert and I found myself needing some serious help in the eyelash department. By coincidence, Nina Leykind, found of Eyeko, popped back into my world with this innovation in beauty and her team invited me down to have a go. 

I first met Nina, and introduced her to you all, last year when I hosted a beauty panel at Space NK in London. I was blown away by this woman who had co-founded a brand that has become one of the most beloved in the world in the past few years. If you have not tried Eyeko, you are missing out on some seriously fabulous eye makeup solutions. (For those of you that aren’t aware, Alexa Chung is both a supporter and face of the brand- see below for a kick-a$$ tutorial on how she gets the perfect look).

Just when I think I can’t love Nina and Eyeko any more than I already do, they go and launch a worldwide first – bespoke mascara. Now, I’m sure you are sitting there wondering how a mascara can be bespoke. Well, I’m not one to reveal secrets but I can tell you what it’s like sitting for the experience and coming home with a wonder wand that’s paired with the perfect formula to give you your dream lashes.

I went into Harvey Nichols this afternoon and sat my bottom on a perspex chair while famed makeup guru Kay Montano set to defining my mascara needs. She asked me about my wildest eyebatting dreams, my daily regime for makeup and even let me run a few brushes through my not so fabulous natural lashes to test how comfortable I was with application. After me more or less proclaiming I wanted RuPaul like eyelashes, Kay and Nina set to finding my perfect formula that would match my chosen brush. On one eye we tried a volumizing tube and the other a fibre enhanced formula. In the end, out of 100 combinations, my mascara was born, sealed, initialed and handed over to find a new home in the beauty bible of FFG. 

Now, onto how you can get involved, if you so choose. The world’s first bespoke mascara is, at the moment, available exclusively at Harvey Nichols in London. The whole process of picking and putting together your bespoke mascara costs a total of £28 and will take only 15 minutes. Considering most designer mascaras, that aren’t at all bespoke, cost more than that, I’d say this is a bargain. 

My only regret on the day? I totally forget to restock my Eyeko Eye Do liquid eyeliner – best stuff ever!!! 

Bottom line here, folks, is that this whole process is definitely worth the trip to Harvey Nichols. I’m just hoping they find a way to bring the service to the masses online. For now, half the fun is having someone on hand who can make you feel like you are getting the complete VIP treatment (which today included cupcakes and champagne).

THAT tutorial…. LOVE! Watch, learn, take notes!


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