Dogs Trust Dog of the Week: Introducing Magic

It’s Friday… which is, from this point on, a day pretty much dominated by puppies. Oh what a dream it is to say that! This is the second dog of the week on Fashion Foie Gras, in partnership with Dogs Trust. Last week we featured my soul mate, Billy the Greyhound. And this week we’re featuring a tinier four legged friend and some of his little buddies. This, dear reader, is Magic.

When I first met with Dogs Trust they told me about a very special place called the Puppy Palace. This is a beautiful kennel where puppies, and their puppy friends, live and are socialized by the volunteers at Dogs Trust. Naturally, I asked if I could have a moment or two to help with the socialization project. I mean it’s hard work, but someone has to do it right? 

Upon entering the room, it was Magic I locked eyes on first. Magic is a puppy that came to Dogs Trust by total surprise. His mother came in as a stray and on her first night in the kennel gave birth to Magic. There were no other puppies, just this gorgeous miracle. It was magic. And now Magic is house hunting, as it were. He’s a mischievous little man that had me at hello.

Magic wasn’t alone, of course. I met three of Magic’s friends, who were looking for new families. 

While puppies are cute and wonderful and cuddly, they aren’t the only friends to be found at Dogs Trust. They are, however, awfully tempting to snuggle with all day! 

On another note here, before we go, I wanted to draw your attention to a side of Dogs Trust that many of us are fortunate enough to never have to utilize. Dogs Trust run an initiative called the Hope Project. This service provides assistance to dog owners who are homeless, as well as free and subsidized veterinary care for their dogs. This is a truly outstanding service and one that is desperately needed. Just another reason why donating time and money to Dogs Trust is a feel good exercise. Get involved, folks! 

Stay tuned as next week I’m featuring yet another beauty looking for a home from Dogs Trust!


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