Dinosaur Coffee- hanging with the cool kids in Silver Lake

I reckon one could easily write an entire book based on visiting all the world’s cool coffee shops. Maybe that’s a great idea for a blog, if someone’s looking for inspiration? 

When I’m traveling, I find the best way to really immerse yourself in any place on earth is to find a local, independent coffee shop. Leave the big coffee chains behind and follow the guy who looks like he’s on a mission, laptop in hand. That’s exactly what we did last time we were in Los Angeles and staying in Silver Lake. 

Next to some giant Golden Arches, hidden away in a strip mall of sorts, sits Dinosaur Coffee. The kids sitting outside are hip and hot, as are the baristas serving coffee and tea within. Why it’s called Dinosaur Coffee, I never uncover. The only hints to anything prehistoric are the stegosaurus on the coffee cuff and the ceiling’s decor, which mimics the back of Mr. Steg himself. All very cool and mysterious, wouldn’t you say?

The inner dinosaur lover in me is in paradise. I’m instantly ten again and playing T-Rex with my brothers in the backyard. However, my childhood is challenged by the freelancers frenzy taking place before me. Creatives sit all around, with laptops open and group discussions in full flow. Two women coming from yoga sit to our right and a photographer sits to our left, while four men sitting at the bar discuss a new design for a surf board. My laptop is open and I’m trying to work, but I am swept away by the scene unfolding all around me. It’s at this point I realize I need to find a way to make LA a more permanent destination. There is a vibe here and I do believe it has everything to do with the sunshine, and the beautiful dinosaur starring back at me from the swinging door out the back of Dinosaur coffee. It’s all about coffee in California, my friends. Somehow an iced latte just tastes that much better. 

If you want to work with a good cup of joe, hang with the cool kids and take a step back in time with some funky dinosaurs, put this on your list of places to play while in LA!

Dinosaur Coffee

4334 W Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, California


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