California Donuts: 24 hour sugar satisfaction in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there exists a magical place. It’s not much by the way of architectural landmarks, but it is a place where many dreams come true. Well, that is if your dream is of sugar highs to end all sugar highs. I’d like to introduce you to California Donuts. 

California Donuts is an institution in Los Angeles society. Imagine donuts offered in more flavors than Baskin Robbins ice cream. Picture big white boxes overflowing with creations that not only feature one offs like oreo cookie panda donuts, but also bits of bacon, Lucky Charm cereal and more frosting fabulousness than you can ever expect to find in one tiny hole in the wall. California Donuts doesn’t just stand by and rest on a few classic donut moments – they’re always in “invention” mode and the end result is nothing short of fantastic. Although that all being said, my jeans are screaming at me for the donut massacre that happened in February. Let’s just say things aren’t buttoning the way they used to.

However, the biggest problem here is the 24/7 opening policy. At any point in the day, the doors of California Donuts are open to those seeking out a sugar fix. Now tell me that isn’t the most dangerous thing you’ve ever uncovered. Thank heavens I’m only in LA every couple of months. 

California Donuts

3540 W 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90020

001 (213)385-3318


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