Why is the world obsessed with In’N’Out burger?

Burgers… in America…. Where does one start?
Sure the burger was invented elsewhere, but it was in the great U S of A that
burgers found their real get-up-and-go. Thesedays having your favourite burger joint is akin to having a certain way
you take your coffee every morning. A burger is a statement about who you are.
Do you take bacon, extra cheese, like it well done, still mooing or with more
meat piled on top, like pulled pork? You name it, you can find it and claim it
as your favourite. When you enter into the great state of California, however, I
get the feeling you will pretty much be chucked out the front door if you don’t
declare In’N’Out as an absolute favourite. People are religious about this

The service at any In’N’Out I’ve ever been
to is stellar. From the people directing traffic at the entrance (yes, this is
needed – it’s like herding hungry cats) to the drive-thru attendant taking
your cash or card, all greet you with smiles and friendly hellos. They live to
service your burger needs. However, and I’m certainly putting myself out on a limb here, In’N’Out’s burger is pretty much just ok, in the grand scheme of

Let’s just go ahead and put out there that
no drive-thru burger is ever really going to be better than “good.” Although I
do think Carl’s Jr. is onto something – try, definitely (more to come on that
later). Fast food is tough going. It’s
fast, so there’s no real dedication to the food making process. It’s all about
feeding the massives as quickly as possible. In’N’Out definitely has the
masses, there’s no doubt about that. But, I’m still trying to figure out why
everyone is so head over heels insane about this place. Granted, the shakes are
incredible and the fries perfectly put together. But, the burger is average…or
at best, good.

I guess I was just a little disappointed
the first time I had In’N’Out. It has been so hyped for me. Fashion women had
come back from Los Angeles and talked about this burger to end all burgers and
my mouth watered at the thought. I should have known better. I was taking
advice from people who generally don’t really eat burgers on a regular basis,
or anything at all for that matter. I’m an idiot.

Yet, every time I return to LA I go to
In’N’Out. I wait in the queue. I take in the bright yellows and reds as I watch
hungry humans (and small dogs) line up behind me in their various vehicles. Our
last visit saw us sandwiched between a Ferrari and a Prius, with a massive
camper van situated just behind. We approach the window and I say a silent
prayer that this time will be different, this time will be the moment I get
THAT burger that everyone keeps screaming about. But once again I am left not
entirely satisfied and wondering if Father’s Office in Santa Monica is still
open (now THAT’s a real burger).

What am I missing guys? I’ve even tried
animal style. What gives? Why is this the best burger? Genuinely I want to know. I get that they are an established house of burgers and have a great history. I get that they have great colour schemes and are hyped across social media as the cool burger. There is definitely an “it factor” here. Perhaps I just missed In’N’Out’s prime.


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