The Sunday Shop: What to buy him for Valentine’s Day

If I know one thing and one thing only after buying Valentine’s gifts for men after all these years, I know the classics always win. So here’s my failsafe gift guide for the man in your life on this future day of love…

Let’s be honest here and acknowledge that Valentine’s Day is more or less a consumer activity made popular by Hallmark. But that’s no reason to hide away and not participate. Let the red roses fall where they may, and you, young lady, come to the table prepared to play ball. 

Give your guy a practical, beautiful and wonderfully useful gift this Valentine’s Day and leave the mushy sentiment for the card. 

Over the years I’ve given many a Valentine’s gift and these have all been my big winners:

1. A great watch. You cannot go wrong with giving a man a beautiful timepiece. Every moment he looks at the time he’ll think of you. Go as cheesy as you please with the card. Personally, I’m voting for Shinola watches this year. Beautiful watch for a beautiful day. Is it wrong I’m hoping for one myself?

2. Give the gift of music. This is absolutely my favourite Valentine’s Day gift. Grab an iPod and fill it will playlists – one for the two of you, one for road tripping, one for sleeping and one for working out.  It doesn’t get much more personal. Make sure to throw a Led Zeppelin mix into the group. Always a winner for the dudes!

3. I have yet to meet a man that doesn’t look sexy as hell in a classic pair of Converse. Oh, and if they’re leather, they’ll last forever…. just like your love!

4. Don Henley immortalized Wayfarers, and yes, they deserved it. Rayban Wayfarers should be in every man’s wardrobe. Just give him a nudge in the style department. His reflection’s so gorgeous he’s gotta wear shades.

5. And this is my secret weapon… the Coach Bleecker Cabin bag. Gift it with two roundtrip tickets to a weekend getaway and tell him to pack his bags. Yes, this is a big gift and reserved for someone VERY special. 

Good luck and let me know how it goes… or if you have any winning recipes of your own you’re dying to share.


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