How to Travel Stylishly at a Moment’s Notice

I’m headed abroad this weekend. The trick is that I’m going for 24 hours. So I thought it high time to impart a little wisdom in weekend packing in the form of a top five tips featuring the bag I’ve put together for the main event.

1. Keep it at hand luggage (airlines like British Airways provide a discounted fare for travelers carrying hand luggage only). Just make sure you check with the airline before you travel to confirm weight and measurement allowances.

2. Check with the hotel before you travel and see what amenities they offer. Things like razors, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc, are usually all provided at the hotel. So save room for anything you may purchase in the 24 hour jaunt by taking those things out of your hand luggage immediately. 

3. When it comes to clothes, I try to wear as many layers as possible on the plane – my shirt, sweater, coat, hat and scarf are all on me so I don’t have to pack the items. Then, I choose a pair of trousers I know will go the course of the weekend and pack tops to change out the next day. Or for evening attire, I’ll pack a little black dress and heels and leave it at that. For this weekend, I’m imagining a more cozy atmosphere so I’ll be wearing jeans and boots, and changing out my top for the next day and travel back to London.

4. Charge EVERYTHING before you go – the camera, the computer, the phone. The less wires you can take on the 24 trip, the better. And honestly, are you going to be on your computer for a full eight hours if you’re away somewhere for only 24? I’ve only been in a situation once where I was away and I needed a computer charging cable last minute. It’s amazing the kindness of others in a hotel or airport when you find yourself in a charging jam.

5. Keep a copy of your passport and credit cards from your wallet in a zipped pocket of your carryon. When you travel a lot you do put yourself at risk for theft. If you find yourself returning to your hotel room without your purse, you’ll thank yourself for preplanning for such an event. Chances are you’ll never need it, just because you are prepared for it! Fingers crossed!

Ok, and here’s an added tip. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Chances are, if you’ve forgotten something you can easily pick it up in whatever country you may find yourself in. Plus, half the fun in traveling around the world is checking out the local shopping. Half my wardrobe is made up of things I’ve conveniently “forgotten” and had to repurchase while abroad. Don’t tell Mr. FFG.

Watch this space, as I’ll be bringing you a destination recap very soon!


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