A How to for Fashion Week Hair: Sleeked Back and Straight

posted on: Saturday, 14 February 2015

Oh this video is making me miss my long hair...

Last December I made my way to East London to work with Babyliss on a series of How To videos for hair. Talk about my dream project. I've had long hair for....ev...er... so any chance I get to learn a new "way to wear," I jump at it. On the day I learned so much about caring for hair and using various tools to achieve all kinds of looks. Honestly, I felt like I was on a luxury hair health day. To make a long story short, the videos were originally meant for Youtube only, but I couldn't help but share as I think there are some really good tips of the trade in here. 

Enjoy and keep an eye out as I'll be sharing the next in the series in April.