Breaking News: Shirtless and gorgeous fireman saves golden retriever puppy

Here’s the scene. I’m walking through Silver Lake with some girlfriends- the California Sun is beating down upon our backs, we have iced lattes in hand and we’re cruising like trained Cali professionals.

Oh yeah, you could easily mistake us for locals. Well, that was until I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, the most impressive poster ever to be plastered to a wall. I was stopped dead in my tracks.

There, in front of me on the main drag, was a fireman. He wasn’t just any fireman, have you. This fireman was shirtless and he was saving a golden retriever puppy from a burning building. Be steal my beating heart. Of course this was all just a poster, presumably put together to attract just the attention I was giving it. Frustratingly, there was no further information. Who was the artist behind this creation, who’s the man modelling and does that adorable golden need a home? So many questions that need answering and there are no answers anywhere.

Naturally, the questions, and the poster, felt like something that needed to be shared immediately, if only to brighten the days of folks around the country. Because, let’s be honest, what’t not to love about this image? 

And shall we just call this the unofficially kick off to a month of content coming to you from the wonderful city of Angels? For the month of February you’re going to be seeing a lot of features on everything from cool architecture to crazy new breakfast joints in LA. So stay tuned, ladies and gents. February is about to get a little bit of crazy California cool. 


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