3 ways to wear: Liberty London Print Silk Scarves

Scarves… there are a million ways to wear them but no one can remember a one when they have scarf in hand. I call it “scarf-nesia” and it’s a real condition, well for me at least. There are plenty of tutorials around telling us all how to wear big winter scarves, but very few that instruct how to wear some of the most beautiful silk scarves around. So, let’s give you three ways to wear and let’s use one of London’s most respected  scarf designers to do so – Liberty London. Scarves are some of the easiest and best accessories to spice up your wardrobe. Here’s how to kick off the scarf sweep…

1. Use a silk scarf as a bag charm. One of the simplest ways to jazz up an often-carried-handbag is to tie a scarf around the handle. Yeah, sounds basic, but basic is sometimes the most beautiful.

2. Braid it in. People are always using scarves to cover up a bad hair day or to keep hair out of their face while driving in a fancy convertible. Anyone else thinking Thelma & Louise here? Well, I thought I’d let the ladies keep their scarf ideas and I’d try something a little different. Why not use the scarf as a hair extension of sorts? Give your brain a little more weight by letting the silk act as a third strand… just braid it in. 

3. Wear your scarf as a necklace. Ever found yourself in love with a beautiful pendant without a chain? Showcase that beautiful piece by twirling your silk scarf and allowing it to fill in as a chain for the day. Oh, and why not try layering it on top of another scarf that you tie on (triangle style) as a top?

FFG collaborated with Liberty of London.


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