You’ll be amazed at what I can do with these pom-poms

Have you guys noticed furry balls popping up everywhere lately? Ok, remove your mind from the gutter. I’m serious. Balls of fur are seen everywhere in fashion these days, from your handbag accessories to your sleeping slippers. Seems we all like fluffy orbs. And what I am about to show you will not only (hopefully) blow your mind, but also make you wish you had thought of something so simple and fabulous.

Cleo B sent me over some Pom Pom Shoe Clips to play with last week. Starting from £35, these clips come in all colours and are available in real or faux fur. They do exactly like they say on the tin – clip onto your shoe. Basically, it can take a boring flat or heel and turn them into something pretty fabulous in the time it takes you to get clipping. Need I say more? Nah, didn’t think so. The proof is in the pudding, anyway. So, here’s a look at my pom pom shoe clips on three sets of flats. I am dying for the bright pink!


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