Who needs a selfie stick?

So I know selfie sticks are all the rage at the moment and I’m pretty sure my parents expected me to turn up for Christmas with one permanently attached to my arm. This was indeed the Christmas of beating up the blogger, however. Every occasion, every meal, every bike ride and every dog walk I was asked if I needed a moment’s pause to capture the occasion for instagram. What happened to just wanting to capture the moment? It just so happens that 99.9% of the pictures I take never make it to any social network at all. Imagine that. Yet, I still have the little brother displaying deep disapproval as I ask him to pause a moment as I grab a pic of an epic burger. I tell him he’ll thank me for it later in life, but somehow I doubt he’ll ever believe that. 

Now, what does all this have to do with a selfie stick? Well, I’m pretty sure everyone was disappointed when I didn’t show up with said selfie stick at the ready. However, I do have my own high-tech version and since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it, I thought I’d share. As you guys know, I have worked with Olympus Pen over the past year. This has been an eyeopening experience as far as camera technology. But truly, these guys have taken tech to the next level for the average blogger. You can well and truly say “see ya later” to any idea of ever carrying any dreaded selfie stick, ladies and gents. The Olympus Pen Camera not only has a built in selfie stick (in the form of a flip around screen), it also has a remote function on your mobile phone. You can see what you’re camera is going to take for a picture and snap away with the touch of a smart phone. That, dear reader, is just too cool not to share.

At this point I have to say that such technology truly is useful universally. If you’re a couple on vacation, a family having a reunion, or just someone who likes to capture special solo moments on mountain tops, let me just say this is the best purchase you can make. I’ve had so much fun playing around over the past few months and there’s plenty more where these came from. Speaking of these – these are pics taken with the Olympus Pen, using the remote technology. Pretty impressive, no? 


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