Simply soft skin, that’s all I want and here’s how I’m getting it

Here’s the truth, the only truth I know for sure, when it comes to my skin: it’s getting old. This face has been around for nearly 35 years now. It’s had no work, no special treatment, just some special TLC now and again when I have time to think about it. I have the products I love and adore. Not a day goes back when I don’t slap on my magic eraser – Dr Perricone’s Cold Plasma. I refuse to exist without it and would happily eat PB&J for a month, if I had to, to be able to afford it. Then the moisturizers are pretty much on rotation depending on what I’m trialing from one day to the next. My face is starting to become a warzone of sorts – scarred by the various run ins with products that didn’t agree with me or clogged by the many creams that are toyed with day in and day out.

However, occasionally I come across a tool I love. Quite honestly, these usually end up being expensive tools and I keep those ridiculously expensive splurges to myself, unless they are super special and worthy of an over the top fabulous review. Now all this being said, I have come across a beauty tool that I’m quite literally obsessed with and feeling rather chuffed at the fact that it’s only £6.50. Oh yeah, that’s bargain basement prices, people! Drumroll please…. My magical discovery is the Soap & Glory A Brush with Greatness. Alright, alright, I feel like you’re saying, “hello, woman, brushes for your face have been around forever.” You would be right and yes I’m a bit slow on all these things. But, I tripped upon this and have been using it now for two weeks. It’s two parts goodness – a bristle brush on one side and a massage reverse side. I keep mine in the shower and give myself a mini facial every morning and somehow feel like I’m doing my part to keep things real.

I start by wetting the face and then gently running the bristles in a circular motion to exfoliate. I then apply cleanser and use the massage side to work the cleanser into a lather on my skin. Rinse and go! Yeah, that ain’t too difficult. Yet, after a few weeks of repeating this, my skin feels incredible. Seriously, so soft!

Bottom line, if you are looking for a cheap and easy way to step up to soft skin, why not give this tool, or something similar, a good old fashioned try? Just one tip – avoid areas of your face that suffer from rosacea or any similar redness issues. This will just inflame the situation. Happy brushing!


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