Quiqup: The London delivery app that will bankrupt me

I feel like I need to give a disclaimer before I tell you what I’m about to tell you. If you value your hard earned cash, read no further, for I have officially been introduced to what I’m calling “the bankruptcy” app. For years now I have said that I wished London was more like New York in the idea that you can get anything you need delivered straight to your front door. I even threatened to open my own delivery service to try and make that happen for the masses here in the good ole UK. However, looks like the app store has listened to my prayers and someone has beat me to the punch and given a true and absolutely fantastic anything-you-want-any-time delivery app. 

It’s called Quiqup. Clever name, inventors. I don’t know much about the background of this company, but I can tell you I’ve yet to see them advertised anywhere so they must be pretty new. My introduction to the app was from a neighbour that is a takeaway expert. One night Mr. FFG and I were sitting at home watching a movie and decided we both wanted a burger from our favourite place in London. I know, a burger, how predictable. Well, to make a long story short, neither of us really fancied getting up and marching all the way into Covent Garden. We went online to see if they were delivering yet and then Mr. FFG remembered his friend telling him about the app. I downloaded Quiqup and we placed our first order – two burgers, two fries and buffalo chicken wings. It was a real “slobs night in” sort of evening. 

Our first Quiqup order placed, we turned our attention from the movie to my iPhone screen as we watched our Quiqup driver move to the restaurant via a trackable map in the app. We were given notifications when the order was placed, when the driver left the restaurant and even when he was standing at our front door. Honestly, you would think we were tuning into primetime television the way we were glued to the movements of our Quiqup man. The food arrived piping hot and the driver was very pleasant indeed. No money needed to change hands, as the app works like uber with your credit card saved on file. This is dangerous, so very dangerous. I have ordered three more times since. I quite literally never have to leave the house again. Ok, that’s just sad sounding… but you get where I’m going here. 

This afternoon I was going on five hours straight of writing and hadn’t stopped to eat, hadn’t even thought of it actually. So not me, right? I finally looked at the clock and decided I needed some sustenance. I decided to keep it healthy and sent my Quiqup driver to the Good Earth to pick me up one of Chelsea’s most celebrated salads. Half an hour later I was once again working away with salad at desk. 

So I’ve really taken some time to think about Quiqup and how exactly it will bankrupt me while also saving my life and I’ve come up with the following reasons why I absolutely love this invention and why everyone should have it on their phones.

1. It’s good in emergencies. If I wake up sick, I’m calling these guys to go and buy the Night Nurse. 

2. If I had a dime for every time I’ve left a coat, scarf or accessory in a restaurant. Well, now I’m sending quiqup to do the pickup of shame for me.

3. Breakfast meetings at mine are becoming a regular thing. So I’m bringing Starbucks to the living room. Quiqup… two Chai Tea Lattes, no foam, soya and extra hot please! Oh, and don’t forget the chelsea buns from the fab bakery next door.

4. My printer’s ink just died and I’m in the middle of printing a MASSIVE pitch. Quiqup to the rescue.

5. I’ve just arrived at a fashion party and seen someone walking the red carpet in the same dress as me. Back into a coffee shop to hide and have a quiqup driver deliver a quick alternative. 

6.  It’s been a big night out and I’m craving a Big Mac and a large coke. I know Sarah Jessica Parker pulled off Oscar de la Renta formalwear in McDonald’s for Sex and The City, but I’m all about McDonalds at home in Oscar de la Renta jammies instead. 

See what I’m talking about? Dangerous! Be careful but get Quiqup now… before it gets too big!

Note: This is a true and valid discovery piece. I’m writing this because I truly do think this is genius and deserves to have the word spread… far and wide!


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