New year, new hair: From long layers to shorter shaggy chic

Last week I woke up, after a horrible night of tossing and turning and just decided this would be the day that I would give the hair a much needed change. I’ve been keeping it long and pretty classic now for a good four to five years. I’ve changed the colour, I’ve had a small snip here and there, but have never really gone for a good style revamp. Waking up and deciding to cut is never a good idea, people. I should know that by now. But I reached for the phone, made the appointment and went on with my merry day.

At 5pm I strolled into Daniel Hersheson on Conduit Street in London and sat in Elliot’s chair and asked for the following: a change. I told him I was leaving a big transformation for a later date but I wanted a hair style that would shake things up a bit. The long blunt cut fascination ended for me long ago. So Elliot took matters into his own hands and assured me I would have a new look without losing too much of the length I had built up over the years.

Within minutes I was staring out at the world through a freshly cut long shaggy fringe. Minutes later I was faced with a floor full of hair and inside my heart skipped a beat. What is it about getting your hair cut that seems to drive fear into the very deepest depths of our heart? I honestly sat there wondering if I had made a mistake in cutting and reprogramming the daily hair grind. Would I come out looking like a shaggy dog rather than a shaggy stylist? I should have known better to even have those thoughts as Elliot is regarded as one of the best in the biz, but I was still saying a silent prayer that the blow-dry would reveal a workable cut.

Thirty-five minutes later I was looking at a new morning routine. I’m calling this the blow-and-go cut. Elliot used no products and no tools for the first blow-dry, other than a hair dryer of course. He blew the hair out using only his fingertips and the end result was minimal morning routine perfection. However, I had the added benefit of seeing what the new layered look would transform into with the use of tongs as well. This, pictured above, was the finished look I left the salon with and I absolutely love it.

Now, all being said and done, it is taking a little getting used to with the shorter length. There’s that old issue of running my hands through my hair as I condition and forgetting I now have to end that experience four inches shorter than normal. There are also layers to contend with, which make braids a little harder. But all in, I’m happy with a new look.

Now the question is… do I have the nerve to go ever shorter in a few months’ time?

Do you guys like this new cut? Shorter… or go back to long?


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