My Desk, my Style: a new year calls for a new look

As it’s a new year, I thought it was time for a fresh start in the working arena. I’m one of those people who switches her bedroom three times a year, regularly moves prints in and out of frames and plays with living room furniture like I’m playing a game of Jenga. Which way will it all go… who cares? It’s fun to keep things fresh and new, and playing with your living space, regularly, can really make a home feel like a brand new purchase. The one New Year’s resolution I made this year was to recreate a work space that was light, airy, fun and fresh. 

I spend about seven hours a day in front of a computer screen, I might as well make that desktop space one I like being in, right? So the end result is what you see here. Ralph Lauren candles, fresh flowers, Beyonce inspired mugs, Eiffel Tour Ring Holders, sand from the home country and a seemingly bottomless jar of peanut M&Ms are all just little touches that make me smile each and every day. I hope this inspires you to create such a space in your household. The power of a great desk is endless. I’m hoping a great many memories are created sitting here this year as I write for hours on end. At least you know where to picture me as I share each day with you!

So here we go…

You didn’t think you’d find a Fashion Foie Gras office space without some print inspiration did you? 

And yes, I’m a lover of a comfortable seat at a desk. It’s firm enough to keep me upright and awake, but soft enough to let me sit here for hours on end. Oh, and that gold faux-croc touch there is actually a placemat I got on sale at a home goods store. It had no match, but I thought it would make for an excellent computer place setting.

When I type, I always take my rings off. Call me crazy, but I can’t type as fast for some reason and that annoys me. So, when I came across Anthropologie’s Eiffel Tower Ring Holder I bought two (I’m a klutz so I buy backups). 

And here’s my mega classy coffee mug for the morning (found at Urban Outfitters). Beyonce, you the woman. 

Now, we all have an afternoon slump now and again and I’m ready for it when it comes. I filled a “Bonbons” glass jar with peanut M&Ms. When that moment of slump-i-ness comes, I have sugar on my side.

I like a little green on my desk and try to have fresh flowers whenever I’m in residence. I do cheat a little, however, with a faux plant from Ikea. It sits beside a cool lobster I found while shopping with Mr. FFG and a jar filled with sand from the last time my mother and I were lounging on a beach together. I like to keep the happy memories as close as possible. You never know when you’ll need a smile.

Probably the most important thing on my desk is my journal. Unbelievably, I still write everything I want to remember forever in pen. Yes, I still have things to say even after spilling it all on the blog on a daily basis.

I don’t ever forget what lies in the wings of a desk. I decorate every free space I can. I can’t help myself. I still have a cork board and chalkboard to fill. So we’ll leave those on the left side of the desk for now and concentrate on the right. I am awaiting a print from Australia from my favourite fashion illustrator. While I wait, I’ve decide to fill the frame with an Hermes shopping bag. It’s colorful and pretty inline with what I do right? It sits beside two cereal boxes I’ll never part with – special Anya Hindmarch Kellogg’s fashion food!

Last, but certainly not least, my windows to the world are the best part of this desk area. Although distracting, I love watching the world go by below me. If you’re ever passing by, look up and wave hello!


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