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You know those movies that leave you feeling like you’ve run a marathon by the time they’re over? I’m talking about a movie that has you crying puddles in the theatre, but equally causes you to pause and ponder your own existence and contributions to the universe. In my opinion, such cinematic mastery is seldom found on the big screens these days across then globe. However, this evening I am writing this feeling a little lost in the grand scheme of things. I’ve just come from the theatre in London, having sat on a rather uncomfortable cinema seat for 123 mins as I took in Stephen Hawking’s love story in The Theory of Everything

When I first heard about The Theory of Everything I did wonder what the love of a brilliant man looks like. Of course everyone on the planet has heard of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking, who has been forced to share his incredible discoveries with the world from a wheelchair and by using a speech generating device. Hawking suffers from ALS,  a disease doctors thought would leave Hawking dead after two years. At aged 72, he’s still changing the world one theory at a time. Don’t ask me to go into those theories as we may be here a while as I try to explain just how incredible this mind is. I did try to read Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, but let’s just say I struggled. In fact, out of the 9 million copies sold of this book, I do wonder how many were actually read through until the last page. Alas, Stephen Hawking’s brilliance is way over my head and I know at least one copy was never finished- mine. It would seem, however,  that Hawking’s original “love story” is perfectly fit for the less brilliant minded. In fact, it’s down right inspirational.

Stephen Hawking Speech Quote
Quote taken from Stephen Hawking speech from 2012.

While Stephen Hawking never to discusses his disease, and prefers for the world to concentrate on his theories instead, the challenges he has met over the years are portrayed heroically in this film. You cry when he struggles, you cry when he triumphs, you cry when he smiles, you cry when he cries. Basically, you just need a giant Kleenex box as a companion for this movie. It’s definitely not a first date affair. Go solo or with someone who doesn’t mind you looking like you’ve gone two rounds in a boxing ring as you exit the theatre. 

You will exit the theatre with so many questions about the universe – mainly centered around yourself. Your perspective changes on your own daily obstacles and also on your definition of love and the duties that come with that connection with another human being. But you will be glad you sat for two hours, soaked in your own tears, taking in this film. There’s no doubt about that. I definitely didn’t want to reclaim those 123 minutes. They were put to good use, each and every one. Definitely go and see The Theory of Everything. I will say no more.  Well, one more thing… Eddie Redmayne  and Felicity Porter definitely deserve every award they are nominated for when it comes to this film. Oh and it’s already racked up over 50! 


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