Big news: Boomer the Golden Retriever is now a millionaire

Eighteen months ago, a little man named Boomer came into my life. He was just one big ball of golden fluff. He preferred to chew Uggs rather than Louboutins (thank heavens), his top mode of transport was in a Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag (or a Louis Vuitton Neverfull) and his favourite place in the house was by my writing chair, laying on an air conditioning vent. It seemed as if we were perfectly paired from the start. Sure, we had our ups and downs. We fought over bed space, couldn’t see eye to eye on what to watch for a Saturday night film (he barks at anything… including the animal channel where he tries to attack the TV if he sees anything on four legs) and rarely kept the same pace while out for a morning run. But, after everything, we’re best buddies with a very serious long distance relationship (4,000 miles regularly). Yet, Boomer has now won the hearts of more than his owner could ever muster.

Yesterday, Boomer’s vlogging debut kicked over the 1 million views mark. Yes, this little golden has managed to get 990,000 more views than any video this lady has ever starred in. Seriously, what does he have that I don’t? Maybe it’s that wicked “I’m getting into trouble grin,” or that fur that is so soft and fluffy you can’t help but want to reach into your computer screen for a stroke. Perhaps you all love him because of the cheeky wink he gives to camera or the way he cocks his head after waking up from a nap that seems to be more adorable than anything any human on earth could ever do. Whatever the reason, it seems one million people can’t be wrong… 

In case you missed the video in question. Here’s the little ditty I put together that’s made Boomer a millionaire Golden Retriever. Oh, if only that were in dollars, not just youtube views.


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